Version 3.0 •


Video is a powerful Tumblr theme. Your content and video choice will determine the mood of your blog and with social and music features it’s perfect for bands, brands & everything inbetween.

Features include:
  • Video background with choice of Vimeo/Youtube or Youtube Playlist
  • Slideshow for all photosets
  • Google font compatible
  • Upload your own logo image
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Full-page sidebar and much more.
  • Video or image banner
  • Social media links
  • Change colours, including: header background, text colour and sidebar colour
  • Infinite scroll
  • Hide or Show post meta and other elements.
  • Translation options
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Version 3.0 •

This theme is supported by Tumblr NPF


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A common error is forgetting to add https:// in front of external links, if you’d like the link to redirect to, enter in the URL field.

The Custom Link Name option is where you enter the title of the link.

Custom Link URL is where you add where the link should lead to, ensure to add in https:// before each link.

Alternatively, you can also add links this way with Tumblr built in page editor.

By default, Tumblr has enabled their own mobile theme. To turn this off and enable the custom theme styling for mobile go to Advanced Options -> Use default mobile theme and turn off this option.

Custom CSS is used to perform small tweaks to an existing site. To access this go to Advanced options at the bottom of your customize panel, once you enter the screen you can find the custom CSS box located at the bottom.

Each rule should end with } or you may break the site code.

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